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Morning Rub

Morning Rub

Morning Rub

Michelle, on your adult model form you put that u adore to rub one out in the morning.
“It’s true. Nothing gets the day started adore fondelling one out and having an climax. It is part of my morning routine, just like taking a shower, brushing my teeth, getting dressed and making my bed.”

When we last saw you in the April ’10 issue u were a virgin. Have u rogered yet or are you still an virginal cherry honey?
“I’ve had sex a slight in number times. I am glad about that ’cause I was getting very sexually disappointed. I haven’t gotten laid latterly though. So I am back to masturbating. I used to acquire overtired of always masturbating, but now that I’ve finally had sex I don’t mind it so much.”

But since you’ve had sex would not you rather do that than masturbate?
“Of course! But what I meant was that I’ve finally competent it, and I know it’ll happen another time, so I do not mind touching myself to receive me throughout a strapon drought. When I was still a virgin I’d receive tired of masturbating just because I wanted to acquire laid already. At least now I know what it feels like, and that absolutely helps to make my fantasies better. But I’m still actually looking forward to the next time I have sex!”

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