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Mister Marcus

Mister Marcus Mister Marcus
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Here’s a funny story, and it is true…just love all my stories! I was in Los Angeles on a specific assignment shooting "pretty girls" for this lustful old bastard photographer who thinks he is a larger than typical deal. I hate to sound mean, but why is it that plenty of photographers are wanton aged bastards that adore youthful, nubile honeys love myself? ROTFL – A-N-Y-ways…this studio is humongous, and plenty of people work there, and with out the corner of my eye I see a super hunky negro man who’s lifting weights. Turns out to be the one-and-only Mr. Marcus! And he’s at the studio for another discharge…BUT, the cutie this charmer was *supposed* to work with no-showed. So what’s a BCS – Darksome Shlong Slayer – like me supposed to do when I watch a hunky darksome fellow all perspired and athletic hitting the weights? Well, you know the answer to that question. One time Mr. Marcus saw me, he decided to hit smth else besides the weights…he hit my cum-hole. UNYIELDING. Adore dark-skinned men can. So rock hard I strolled around for days afterwards like I got off a horse. And thinking back on it, I did! 🙂 Oh! And by the way I got the aged horny photographer woman chaser to give me the pix this chab took for my site…and stud did they turn out valuable! This whole update is indeed good, if you ask me! And finally, yes, my WhiteBoy took my corset to the dry cleaners to take care of Mr. Marcus’s thick white load that charmer blew all over it…and I let WhiteBoy keep my knickers to sniff whilst this chab jacks it to this scene. You should have viewed him when I tossed the corset to him and said "Take this to the dry cleaners and receive the dark cum off it!" He loved each second of it! HAHAHAHAHHA. You boys! 🙂 XOXOXO – Spring
Mister Marcus Mister Marcus
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