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She isn’t called Sally Squirt ‘cuz of her tiny size.
Sally gave herself the final name Squirt because not quite each time this babe cums her muff gushes and this babe soaks the sheets. We set her up with a stud to fuck the everloving-hell without her bawdy cleft until this babe showed us exactly how much squirt-juice that babe could squeeze without her petite frame. Another facts about Sally: she was a cheerleader; that babe by no means wears belts; and that babe cums the unsurpassable from getting eaten out and fingered.

Sally, when did you 1st learn that you can squirt?
“It was this one time that my spouse was going down on me. I was truly turned on and into it, and I just ended up squirting all over his face. It used to embarrass me, but now I embrace it. Each boy I’m with thinks it’s sexy. Some of them even like to lick up all my squirt juices. That’s okay with me–it’s easier clean-up! The admirable thing is now I know how to control it so I do not need to squirt if I do not wanna. But that rarely happens. I always wanna squirt!”

Are you willing to try anal yet, Sally?
“Not just yet. I like a finger in my a-hole, but that is about all I can handle since I’m so petite. I am curious to know if I could squirt from getting banged in the booty. But I am not in a hurry to investigate. I am savouring getting my cum-hole banged plenty.”

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