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Making The First Move

Making The First Move

“I got into having sex way previous to I was legal to do so, and, by then, I would had vibrators for years,” told Paola. “But I’m not a slut: I don’t just sleep with boyz cuz I can. I mean, I at no time do everything with a guy on a 1st or even second date, and that dude won’t get past 3rd base the third time we go out, either. By the 4th time we go out, I will have decided whether I wanna get physical with him or not. If I have decided that I do, I’ll make the 1st move and be the assured one if this chab is a bit coyness. Hey, I have even gotten real valuable at putting on condoms! But I do not like being a guy’s first beauty, because these males final about Thirty seconds inside me if they’re lucky and I do not like to be left like that with the ladies man making sorry excuses about it.”

Making The 1st Move

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