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Lucy Doll – Whoa, So Young!

Whoa, So Young!

Whoa, So Young!

“You cant judge a book by its cover,” Lucy told us when we said her that this babe looked virginal. “I dropped out of college ‘cuz I was done with all of the bullshit. I turned 18 numerous months agone, and now I’m going into porn. I’m intend to support myself and not have to take shit from anyone. I figured that I like having sex and masturbating, I might as well make a little bit of money while doing it, right?”

“I adore going on dates where we end up back at the guy’s house. I do not care if we go to a video or go to a concert or wherever. I just like being in a guy’s sofa, cuddling and banging all night and into the morning. The woman chaser gets bonus points if this charmer is unshaven. It seems adore every Lothario shaves now. I adore my dudes shaggy and coarse. I want u to hold me down and copulate me like the larger than run of the mill, powerful, shaggy chap you’re.”

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