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Lolly – Flattie Delight

Flattie Delight

Flattie Delight

Welcome back, Lolly! Tell us what u are listening to on your headphones.
“Just a mix of popular ram like Lady Gaga and Rihanna. I like to listen to music while I’m cleaning. I always end up in my panties or completely bare shaking my booty! Once I was so into it that I did not notice that my neighbour was outside and could watch me through the window! I was completely bare except for a pair of straps. I was embarrassed at 1st, and then I was so turned on thinking about him watching me that I had to run to my room and stick a finger in my cunt to cum!”

Do u always use your fingers to cum?
“No, I have a vibrator that I like to use. If I’m not that sexually excited but feel like playing with myself, I’ll use the dildo because it’s more intense. It’ll take me to the edge way faster. If I am already super slutty, I like to use my fingers because it doesn’t take much to make me cum at that point.”

Would u ever rub one out in front of the window so your neighbor could check out?
“I don’t know! That would take plenty of balls. I love the idea of it, but I suppose I would be also coyness to do it for real. Maybe one day! I would not mind doing it for somebody in person, though. Sometimes I’ll play with my bawdy cleft a little bit when I’m fooling around with someone, but I would like to put on a full expose. One where they can’t touch me or their penis, they just need to sit there and observe while I masturbate. Then if I’m worked up sufficient, and if he’s rigid sufficient, I might just engulf his penis or let him copulate me. Yes, that sounds good!”

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