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Little Lolli

Little Lolli

Little Lolli

Meet Lolli, the 95-pound Tennessee native who is a bit of a loner. This babe described her college experience as, “lonely ‘cuz I didn’t get along with the other cuties.” So what did Lolli do with her free time back then? “I masturbated and dreamed about getting banged by all the boyz in school. I was coyness, but if the chaps knew what I was thinking about ’em, they would have blushed.”

We’re willing to bet that they’d do more than blush. Their blood would be rushing somewhere other than their cheeks!

“I can take control during a bonk,” Lolli said us. “When I lost my virginity, I climbed on top and popped my own cherry on the guy’s weenie. But when I’m feeling indeed sexually excited, I wish the boy to take charge. There is no thing hotter than when a petticoat chaser picks me up, slams me against a wall and indeed lays into my twat. I’m petite, so that helps a lot with the aerial acrobatics.”

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