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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Linsey And Lucia

Linsey And Lucia

Linsey And Lucia

Lucia appeared in Holiday 1998 SCORE and in Voluptuous mag likewise, even though this babe was a bit thin for V-Mag. Lucia’s another juvenile girl from United Kingdom, born in Italy and then relocated to the Britain with her parents. Lucia started making the rounds of the publications and studios in Britain during the summer of 1998 when that babe was Nineteen. Her family owns an Italian restaurant in Newcastle or at least they did when Lucia was actively posing. Furthermore drooping out with Linsey, who was very kind to Lucia during their brief time jointly, Lucia also posed with glamour-star Adele Stephens, a ’98 Boob Cruiser who is still glamour modeling. This babe enjoyed tongueing LDM’s pointy nipples and tongue-snogging her, that is for sure. We’ve lost track of Lucia over the years so we do not know what happened to her. Her bare modeling career was very short. Maybe she’ll surprise us one day and come back ready to glamour model some other time with bigger tits. Those things do happen. Or maybe that babe is making pasta with one arm and cradling a bambino in the other whilst her drunken hubby sits at the dinner table in his wifebeater shirt. Let us hope for the former.

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