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Lingerie Clerk Turned Lingerie Model

Lingerie Clerk Turned Lingerie Model

“The place I work at is a secret ‘cuz I am sure there’s a company policy that forbids crew from getting naked and doing themselves for a mag,” told Svetlana. “But I have wanted to do it ever since a previous spouse showed me copies of NN. It seemed so daring and gripping that it appealed to me, and it is sure not what people would await me to do. That’s why I wanted the rush of doing it.”

“I got my implants when I turned Eighteen ’cause I was flat-chested and detested how I looked,” said Svetlana. “They sure gave me self-confidence and made me a helluva lot more popular with bucks. I have been so pleasured of them that I’ve taken each opportunity to flash ’em, like if my girlfriends defiance me to do it in a bar or some place. I even went to Mardi Gras in Fresh Orleans final year just so I could flash for beads. Now I’m flashing anything else cuz I’m proud of my entire bod.”

Lingerie Clerk Turned Lingerie Model