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Leah Livingston & Monique

Leah Livingston & Monique Leah Livingston & Monique
Leah Livingston & Monique @
Never trust a white goddess to bring your car back the way this babe got it. I let my former paramount friend, Leah Livingston, borrow my car the night in advance of and this babe lied about getting a scratch on it. This couldn’t go ignored and the only way to punish her was to have her take a dip in the interracial pool. I did not know if Leah ever banged with other wet crack before but this day I was intend to inspect. After shit talking her I bent her over and spanked her adore a bad little gal who disobeyed mom. I took delight in slapping her plump white bumpers moments in advance of sliding one of the dark angels allies, a dark sextoy, right up her white cunt. I treated her like the dog she’s by having her lick my feet and doing everything to make her feel love the worthless piece of crap she is. Looking back I not quite feel guilty at what I did to her during the time that I was getting all the satisfaction. NEARLY.

Leah Livingston & Monique Leah Livingston & Monique

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