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Two sexy schoolgirls. Dressed in sexy schoolgirl outfits. Studying jointly. But not for lengthy. Roxanne Miller and Lavina Fantasy are a dream team with large mellons. But there is a problem.

Roxanne, the nasty one wearing the red tie, is bored and restless. She doesn’t wanna read and write her essay. Lavina, the proper first-year student wearing the dark tie, desires Roxanne to entire her assignment. Roxanne doesn’t crave to. This babe faces the issues that many youthful and stacked dominatrix-bitch students face. This babe is amorous and bored and this babe desires to cum, cum, cum.

Roxanne leaves the room and returns with a biggest ice sperm cone. She offers it to Lavina. They share it, licking it jointly, pink tongues flicking out to taste the cold jizz… taste the sweetness. From reading some dry book and writing notes to giving a kiss and tongueing moist lips and long tongues… all of a sudden boredom has given way to amorous want.

Roxanne the instigator, the trouble-maker, wipes the cone on Lavina’s stupendous and marvelous funbags. That babe leans forward to take up with the tongue it off, tasting Lavina’s full scones. They kiss some more. Lavina repays the favor by taking the cone and wiping ice jizz on Roxanne’s fashionable scones, then tongueing the melting sweetness off too.

The one and the other beauties are becoming sexy messes. Sexy messes of cold ice sex cream. And then their little thongs come off so they can cum. No more books for the rest of the day.

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