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Krystal Swift’s Water Wings

Krystal Swift’s Water Wings

Krystal Swift's Water Wings

Some joke that retirement for many glamour models is a three-week vacation. Krystal Swift was on a break from glamour modeling for a during the time that, close to 2 years. Now she’s back. At least for some other spin. For how long we can’t say.

Krystal used her thick lovely heart stick in this scene. It appears like Miss Swift had a pretty precious time in and without the pool. “I masturbate every day,” Krystal one time said us.

Krystal grew up in a dunky Czech town near Poland.

“It’s very quiet there so I moved to Prague and became a dancer. A photographer saw me and talked to me. He recommended I try naked modeling and I thought it was a worthy idea. I’d not keep coming back if I did not have pleasure this.

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