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Kimberly Douglas – The Bush is Back in Town

The Bush is Back in Town

The Bush is Back in Town

Kimberly Douglas is back! The Washingtonian who lives in Scotland was recently back in The States to celebrate her dad’s birthday and ran into an ex-husband. She found out quickly that this chap still has feelings for her. “I ran into him at the bar we used to try to sneak into as kids in college. I hadn’t seen him for years, but this woman chaser still looks the same! We ended up going back to his place for the night. I had him discharge those photos for me ‘cuz we used to take in nature’s garb images all the time, and it just felt exactly the same as it used to. That Lothario told my pubes have become much fuller since then. It was kind of fine, reminiscing about what could have been while this woman chaser was inside me. Rogering him was love riding a bicycle! But, now I’m back to Scotland and all the hawt foreign studs. Life is too short to live in the past.”

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