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Kasey Miller

Kasey Miller Kasey Miller
Kasey Miller @
Kasey Miller has a problem, and it’s kind of embarrassing. Kasey actually thought about chaseing medical advice, but that’s the problem: even though this is Kasey’s "problem"…it’s indeed not her problem. You see, Kasey’s partner, Josh, has erectile dysfunction. This babe thinks it is kinda weird, too, since he’s the same age as this babe. In addition, he’s not very big "down there". Her hubby is also confused to go see the doc, so Kasey has taken it upon herself to follow a solution…and what better place that a impure book store? They have all sorts of "dick pills" in the adult shop to assist a diminutive, flaccid pecker! Anyway, that babe can’t live without her ladies man. The clerk at the store has other ideas of how to "help" Kasey, so this chap reveals Miss Miller back to the episode arcade, so that babe can experience what size and power are all about! You know what happens next, with the exception of the "surprise ending" — Kasey’s little cum-hole winds up "loaded", for lack of a more mind blowing word! And what’s gonna happen in 9 months is anyone’s guess!!
Kasey Miller Kasey Miller

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