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Karly: 70 Photos of Karly

Karly: 70 Fotos of Karly

“I work for an interstate trucking company, so I spend time with the drivers when they come in to do bookwork and finances after a tour. I am not facile or anything, but it is where I meet guys that I date. I know which ones are single and all that kinda ram, so I do not have to worry about being lied to. I won’t have sex on a 1st date, but by a 3rd date I’ll become the aggressive one if I like the boy. I’ll do something like rub his crotch underneath the table or put his hand over my cum-hole if we’re at dinner or in the movies. Something obvious to tell him that I want sex. I love doing it in all sorts of positions, and I’m into some perverted stuff, likewise.”


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