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Kaci Lynn – Open Wide

Open Wide

Open Wide

Welcome to our magazine, Kaci!
“Thank u so much for having me! This fulfills a lifelong dream of mine. Ever since I found my maturer brother’s porn mags below his mattress, I’ve dreamed about being skilled to display off. I used to think it wouldn’t happen until I grew big zeppelins. I endevoured massaging my milk shakes every evening in the hopes of making ’em grow. Then I started hooking up in high school and found that bucks adore little buds.”

Do u adore your bouncy bosoms now?
“They’re okay. I mean, my areolas are really sensitive and they make me truly horny, but I’ve always wanted to receive titty-fucked. It’s never gonna happen. I would say my beloved part of my body would be either my wazoo, which I adore getting spanked, or my muff. I receive so much enjoyment from studs licking my clit, but a spanking makes my juices flow.”

Tell us, where’s the maddest place you have ever hooked-up?
“I lost my virginity in a park. That was charming potty. You know, when you are younger and there aren’t any places you can go to be alone, the park is a great place to fool around. It was actually cold that night and I was wearing leaking shorts and a bigger than typical hoodie. We were making out and I was trickling soaked. I pulled my shorts down and sat on his knob. It was indeed hawt doing it in public.”

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