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Jayden Starr

Jayden Starr Jayden Starr
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An American rite of passage: The Bachelor Party. You have probably been to one…but I wager you’ve not at all watched one as avid. Go into Jayden Starr. She’s the hired entertainment. This is the bachelor’s last day of "freedom", and he’s plan to savour each minute. His buddies didn’t spare any expense, either; they knew what they were getting when they gave the voluptuous ebon dish the gig. Jayden’s massive milk shakes are matched by her equally monumental booty…and both are a sight to behold! She is hired to give the bachelor a blowie, but Jayden can’t stop with just one. There is 13 more fellahs whose balls are aching, and Jayden is down to alleviate all their stress! Why avoid with her face hole? Jayden’s so lustful, she’s plan to let all the fellahs hit that moist grab previous to they unload. And unload they do! Humongous, massive ropes of sperm fly, causing Jayden to look love she just stepped off a bukakke insert Japan instead of a bachelor party in The United States of America!
Jayden Starr Jayden Starr
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