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Jasmine Black & The Big Meat Axe

Jasmine Black & The Big Meat Axe

Jasmine Black & The Big Meat Axe

The utmost sensitivity and good taste was foremost in mind when coming up with the title “Jasmine And The Big Meat Axe” for Jasmine Black‘s P.O.V. XXX scene. An earlier choice, “Jasmine And The Skinny Pool Stick,” would have been misleading and inappropriate, although Jasmine does sexually and suggestively handle the cue stick before she fills her hands, pussy and mouth with man-sausage.

SCORE magazine editor Dave spent considerable time with pretty Jasmine and he has precious memories of this sexy sex star.

“Jasmine likes anal so much that she gets ass-fucked twice in one day,” Dave recalled. “The first time is in the morning. She plays a subway hooker. She bounces her ass on the stud’s thick cock while they’re sitting on a dirty stairway. Later in the day, Jasmine goes down to the wine cellar and gets ass-fucked by Carlos. I get to watch both scenes. I get the impression that for Jasmine, having anal sex on-camera is the most normal thing for a girl to do.

“‘I like anal,’ Jasmine coos in that sweet, baby doll voice of hers. She pronounces anal ‘ah-nul.’ ‘You like watching me do ah-nul?’ Jasmine asks me.”

“I can barely stammer an answer. Later, I find out that Jasmine’s walking around with a butt plug stuck in her asshole almost 24 hours a day. Almost. The other times, there’s a cock in there.”

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