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Jade Dunn – Bright And Tight

Bright And Tight

Bright And Tight

Jade is one-in-a-fucking-million!

If we asked 18eighteen browsers what they adore about our models, we would probably hear things like bubble butts, merry, little whoppers, a taut, pink wet crack and above all else, a perverted attitude! Well, here’s Jade–the walking embodiment of what you’ve asked for. Just how amorous is that babe? Well, when we asked her if this babe had any specific talents she said, “I can gulp a cock.”

Everything you are working on?

“I’m still in school, studying to be an English teacher. Too, I’ve been preparing my backdoor. I actually savour having it fingered and licked, but I’m just also tight for anal to be comfortable right now. I am practicing with different sized plugs, working my way up to fitting a bigger in size than standard meat-thermometer.”

A gorgeous hotty love u must get hit on all the time at school!

“Oh yes! I am probably a bit of a tanalise to the boyz in my classes, though. During spring time I’ll wear the skimpiest skirts. I have been known to accidentally flash people whilst walking around campus! [Laughing] One time the wind lifted my petticoat whilst I was bending over and this lad literally yelped when that gent saw my wet crack. One time more, during the winter, I forgot that I wasn’t wearing everything underneath my hoodie and I attempted to take it off in class. I got it all the way over my head in advance of I realized. I was so constrained!”

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