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Jacuzzi Cooze

Jacuzzi Cooze

Jacuzzi Cooze

Hey, Monica. We take it that u like to get it on in sexy tubs?
“Who doesn’t? You are already half stripped when you get in, and the hawt water and the bubbles make u so relaxed. Your whole body is feeling wonderful in the water, so it makes sense that you’d wish to take it to the next level and have sex. And before I ever even had sex in a hot tub, I used to put my twat against the water jet in my parents’ sexy tub and cum that way.”

Have u ever given a oral job under water?
“Yes, I’ve! It’s a joy thing to try, but not something I’d wanna do all the time. Obviously u cant breathe so you can only engulf it for so long.”

What else do u like about fucking in a hot tub?
“I adore being wet, and I adore the way my body gets all slippery when it is crammed against a boy. It’s just different than doing it in a bed, you know? I too actually love to acquire sloppy facials, and being near a tub or shower helps with the clean up.”

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