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“Jack to my Rack”

“Jack to my Rack”

Tiffany, last we saw u in the May ’10 issue, you’d not long ago embraced your big scoops.
“Yes, I remember. I had not long ago started wearing revealing clothing. I was a virgin, too. Ugh! I am so glad I’m not one anymore! I was making out with he in his bed, and he started sucking my milk cans, and I was adore, ‘Fuck it. Let us shag!’ I was so lascivious and juicy; I couldn’t think of a worthwhile reason to not do it. And it was plenty of fun! It solely hurt for a second when this man popped my cherry, and the rest of the time was great. I loved it when that dude sucked my bra-busters while banging me.”

It is worthy when a girl’s mambos are bigger than run of the mill enough to suck whilst u shag her! So u like it when boys pay tons of attention to your breasts?
“I like it! When I go out I love to wear corsets that make my marangos pop out and flaunt off my breast valley big time. I could acquire away with murder when I wear outfits adore that. Showing off my chest is fun. That’s why I’m posing for your magazine, cuz I want studs
to toss off to my billibongs. And my snatch, too. But mostly my bosoms! They’re my prefered part of my body. When I’ve sex bucks indeed appear to be to like cumming on my milk cans. And I hope when boys are reading your magazine they cum on the fotos of my mounds.”

Do u ever feel adore bucks pay also much attention to your breasts?
“No. Adore I told, I like it when they pay attention to my marangos. But they by no means forget about my fur pie. Meatballs are great and all, but I don’t think they’re going to make a lad cum the way a slit does. I have at no time had to tell a lad to prevent titty-fucking me and bonk my muff. They always make it down there.”

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