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India Summer & Kira Noir

India Summer & Kira Noir India Summer & Kira Noir
India Summer & Kira Noir @
Kira Noir is embarrassed. Truly confused. She likes her partner and all, but not long ago she’s been having a rock hard time keeping her mind off girls. She sees ’em everywhere: in the locker room in her community college; staring at them in her local coffeeshop; and, certainly, checking them out in class. It might be time to share this with her therapist, Dr. India Summer. Kira has been seeing Dr. Summer for several years now, so she’s absolutely comfortable telling Dr. Summer all her secrets. Except one, maybe…for a while Kira’s been thinking about Dr. Summer. In ways almost all would consider "inappropriate". However, Dr. Summer doesn’t think it is inappropriate; in fact, Dr. Summer is intend to respond by doing something not quite all of us think is inappropriate. Dr. Summer is gonna entice a female half her age! Right on her therapist’s bed!! "Is it okay to admit I’m nervous being with a lady who’s twice my age?" Kira asks, right in advance of leaking her tongue up India’s enjoyable fur pie? This is one hot therapy session, ending in an explosive, simultaneous climax! Oh…and Kira booking an appointment for next week!
India Summer & Kira Noir India Summer & Kira Noir

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