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“I may be short, but I’m sexy, right?”

“I may be short, but I am sexy, right?”

“I always receive piddled off that men don’t take me seriously ’cause I’m short,” told Rachel. “It’s like I cant be aged enough to wanna party, much less copulate, just coz of my size. That is kinda why I decided to send these fotos to NN: to expose that I am a 100 percent sexy and horny goddess. So, am I gonna expose the mag to a lot of people? Hell yep! I wanna get all my allies talking about what I did. I adore to ride on a guy’s pecker when we’re having sex. It is not so much that I acquire kinda crushed when I am below a smooth operator, it’s ’cause I love having the ladies man play with my areolas and engulf Them during the time that we’re screwing. That adds so much to the entire thing for me, especially if he’s doing it during the time that I am cumming. But I’ll try any position a lad wishes to do me in. I like doing it doggie position ‘cuz it feels kinda perverted, especially if the lad wets a finger and slides it into my booty. But I am not ready to give up my asshole to a jock yet. I’m sure it’s intend to happen some time when I’m with the right guy. But now there is likewise much for me to learn and enjoy about having regular, vagina sex coz I am still a learner. But the lessons are astonishing!”

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