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When Kat turned up at Jeanie’s girl salon, all this babe wanted was her nails painted. When that babe realized she’d forgotten her purse, this babe pretty soon found out that nail polish wasn’t the only liquid Jeanie had in copious quantities.

Jeanie was extremely angry when Kat said her she could not pay her, but when Kat said she’d detect some way to pay her back, Jeanie’s mood changed completely. Jeanie wanted paying, and she would receive the type of payment she preferred – payment in bawdy cleft.

Taking Kat by the hand, Jeanie led her to the back room, and explained to her that she could not let her leave with out payment. When she told Kat of her “preferred” method of payment, it was obvious that Kat had been awaiting for this. Bending Jeanie over, this babe pretty soon had her petticoat off, and she began fondelling her knicker against her juicy cunt. When that babe was sure this babe had Jeanie juicy sufficient, she pulled that dunky little knicker aside, and, spreading her buttocks wide, stares at the cutest little backdoor and slit she’s ever viewed. The attractive smell from that succulent muff is all that Kat needs to tell Jeanie to sit on the edge of the couch, so this babe can lick her juices off her taut little bawdy cleft.

Jeanie by now, of course, just urges to cum, so this babe does as she is said, removing her little pink knicker, and sat there with her legs spread as wide as they’ll go. Kat wastes no time, and starts tongueing Jeanie’s love button as hard as this babe can manage, whilst Jeanie just lies back and watches this gorgeous floozy with her tongue buried in her pussy.

Even after Jeanie reaches a monumental orgasm, leaving Kat’s face covered in her pussy-cream, this babe tells Kat her debt is nearly paid. Taking out a purple fake penis, and spreading her pink pink flaps, that babe tells Kat to shag her. Kat happily obliges, and after mouthing that rubber dong clean, leaves as some other pleased customer.  

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