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Hope For The Best: Lissa Hope

Hope For The Best: Lissa Hope

Hope For The Best: Lissa Hope

“I like to hike, visit museums, travel, check out rugby, learn fresh things, and volunteer at beast shelters,” told stacked stunner Lissa Hope, who’s picked out the flawless outfit for her ultra-voluptuous body. The mirror does not fib. “I want to see every continent and I urge to skydive. I love to think I’m a accustomed actress.”

Lissa is a natural on-camera and very photogenic. Right off the snap, she impressed our studio team and Voluptuous magazine editor Dave who interviewed her.

“Most girls will tell me that they crave they had my love bubbles. Tons of my allies say, ‘Oh, I wish I looked like you,’ and I have a lot of friends who have kids who will say, ‘Even when I was breast-feeding, my zeppelins weren’t as larger than run of the mill as yours.’ I wear a brassiere when I go out, but at home I’m nearly always braless. If I’m wearing a tight crop top, I don’t wear a brassiere.”

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