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Hands On Learning

Hands On Learning

Each American high school first-year student u ask will tell you that sex ed classes suck cuz they are so boring. So, what better way to teach a teenage PAUL, Jayden (Nineteen) about the birds and the bees than by having a hands-on (and lips-on, dick-in and pussy-on) session with a seasoned fuckmistress like Gia (Fourty two) and a amorous chap who can easily accommodate the two of them? The still cameras took it all in when this 3some got jointly to do a sizzling scene for a still-to-be-named episode.

Helping Jayden to understand that rogering is about so many things like the angle of the dangle and the throb of the dick must have been so gratifying to Gia and Jag. After all, they wouldn’t have been doing this just for the joy of tasting and rogering a pleasing, teenage snatch, would they? And you can wager that Gia taught Jayden a thing or two about riding a large meat-thermometer and the right noises to make when that babe started to feel Mister Agonorgasmos building up in her twat, coz there’s one thing that Gia can do and that’s cum with a vengeance! If Jayden is half as good as her at cumming, she’ll be set for life.

The session finished as any valuable instruction should, with a award for the star student. In Jayden‘s case, that reward was to share a load of warm, sticky cream with Gia, courtesy of Jag’s worked-to-the-max schlong. So, Nasty Nation, this raises anew that age-old question that has had groups of boyz in bars and such arguing for centuries. Which muff would u rather wang? A tight, youthful silly bawdy cleft or an aged, talented cunt that could probably drain u with out u moving? Comments?

Hands On Learning

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