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Halle Von – Blondes Have More Cum

Blondes Have More Cum

 Blondes Have More Cum

Yeehaw! Halle’s a sexy, little southern belle.
“People do not take my word for it when I tell ’em I’m an assistant at the rodeo,” Halle, the nursing scholar from Tennessee, told us. “It’s just part of life where I am from. The rodeo’s a phat place to meet boys, too. I adore the dusty cowboy in Levi’s look, u know? Some of those maturer bull riders can make my straps drop instantly.”

Halle’s a real go-getter.
“School takes up almost all of my time. I just graduated fourth in my class from college. Lots of my girlfriends were getting distracted with fellows and their grades slipped. I just not at any time got attached and moved from gent to boy. It was flawless. Monday through Friday I was a nerd, and on weekends I was a bitch!”

Halle’s wildest sex story…
“The frantic and kinkiest place I’ve ever had sex was in the middle of a lake. The lad and I took a jet ski out, and we were having pleasure, and the vibrations were making my bawdy cleft truly luscious. I said him that, and that guy cut the engine. I pulled his dick out and started jerking him. Then I pulled my bathing costume to the side and slid on top of him. I was grinding adore that for about 10 minutes in advance of this chab came. I had his cum in me for the rest of the afternoon. It was great!”

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