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Greek Gone Wild

Greek Gone Wild

Greek Gone Wild

According to our records, Gialio is the first Greek girl we’ve ever had on our site. That’s a shame. Everybody knows that Greek girls are freaks. Hell, the ancient Greeks had so much wild sex, the term for anal sex is called “Greek love!”

Gialio posed for these pictures, taken by an on-again, off-again boyfriend, in a private alcove off of one of the many warm, sandy beaches of the Greek Isles. “I love being naked outdoors,” Gialio wrote to us. “I like when the sweat drips down my belly before evaporating in the sunlight. I enjoy feeling the warmth on my pussy and breasts. I think the world would be better if we were naked all of the time.”

If we lived in a beautiful place with girls who looked like Gialio, we wouldn’t mind that, either.

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