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Fresh, Little Vixen

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Fresh, Little Vixen

Hey, Vicky. You’re adorable. There is no way a cutie love you could be a virgin.
“Actually, I am a virgin! Majority people think I am a bimbo and I don’t know why! I mean, I’m not a total prude. I’ve fooled around before. But all the people at school think that I’ve sucked off adore, every lad! I’ve not at all even had a spouse or given a oral joy in advance of. But I am kind of a flirt, and I adore to dress cute and hawt. So I suppose that is why everybody likes to talk shit about me! I wonder what they’d say if they saw those pictures.”

We know what the lads would say. That you look actually sexy bare!
“Thank you! I guess I’ve a worthwhile body. That’s kind of why I wanted to take undressed images and be in your magazine. It was just smth that horny me. I am keeping it a secret though. If word got around school that I was in a nudie magazine, people would eat me alive! There’re sufficient bad rumors about me. I don’t wanna fuel the fire!”

So if you are a virgin, why do you shave your cookie?
“All cuties shave their snatches now, even if they are virgins. I just do not adore being hairy down there. I like the way it looks and feels way more out of hair. I remember the 1st time I bald it I was sooo itchy the next day! But I got used to it and now it’s love no thing for me. Having pubes is love, for old people. Pretty soon even they’re gonna shave down there!”

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