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Flutty Surprise

Flutty Surprise

Flutty Surprise

Bonnie, we would not have guessed that u have such a humongous, lush bush in your undies!

“Really? I think it’s cuz almost any cuties shave these days, right? I am not exactly in a rush to shave down there. I am a virgin, and I like my pubes, so what’s the point? I try to stay low maintenance, and I’ve heard that shaving itches a lot.”

U do not need to shave if you do not wanna. Lots of boys like girls with pubes.

“Well, I do shave a little bit, but it is just my bathing dress line so I don’t have any hair sticking out when I go to the beach. Hopefully the lad I lose my virginity to likes my bush. No one has ever even touched me down there anyway the doctor, so I’ve no idea what the reaction would be! I just know that all my friends shave down there, but I’ve a feeling it is just not for me. Maybe I just love being different.”

Do you play with your twat?

“Yeah. I touch myself. I masturbate. I have a vibrator that I love. I turn it all the way up and rest it on the out side of my bawdy cleft. It feels so worthy. I don’t put it directly on my clit because it feels also intense. When I’ve it pressed on the outdoors of my cum-hole it’s just right

Do u finger yourself?

“I have in advance of but it’s not my much loved way to acquire myself off. I think I just haven’t figured it out. I am marvelous stupid after all. For now I’ll just stick with my dildo until I lose my virginity.”

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