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Fabulous Fanny

Fabulous Fanny

Fabulous Fanny

Brittney, did you know that to people in the UK, a fanny means a slit?
“No, I didn’t! That is laughable, ‘cuz here in the states a fanny means a a-hole. Wow. Now that word has a totally different meaning to me! We say it a lot in the South. It’s not even a bad word! Now I am plan to snicker whenever my Mother says it.”

Well we think u have an outstanding fanny. And we mean the one and the other the UK and the US versions!
“So you’re saying you think I’ve a priceless cookie and gazoo? Thank’s! I adore ’em also. This might sound weird, but I always thought my asshole was cute. I adore the way it is puckered. And I adore my snatch, too. The lips aren’t too large and aren’t too slight. They’re just right!”

Do u adore it when lads take up with the tongue your snatch and arsehole?
“I adore it. At 1st I used to be a little coy about lads licking with tongue my asshole, but I got over it one time I realized how worthy it feels! Before I at no time understood why men always wanted to take up with the tongue my rectal hole. I still kind of do not receive it, but hey, if they wanna I am intend to let ’em! And licking my snatch is a have to. If a lad doesn’t lick my cum-hole, then he’s with out there!”

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