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Double Trouble

Double Bother

Double Trouble

Well aren’t you 2 cute! Are u lezzies or just allies? Chastity: “We’re allies who fool around. We’re not exclusively go out with or anything adore that. We just get each other off sometimes. We the one and the other love lads and gals.” Micah: “Yeah, we’re unsurpassable friends more than anything else. Even though sometimes we eat each other out, we don’t acquire jealous if the other one hooks up with somebody else. No jealousy here.” Chastity: “Although we did share a girlfriend for a little whilst! This babe was in an open relationship with the both of us. We would have three-ways with her. But this babe turned out to be psycho so we both dropped her.” Have u two ever had a trio with another lad in the mix? Micah: “Yes, twice. We were friends with one as well as the other of the boyz though, so it’s not like we just went out to a club and picked anybody up. I liked it a lot. I suppose it’s a lot more astonishing to have a three-way with people that you know glamorous well rather than with strangers.” Chastity: “Yeah, our three-ways are always hot. I mean, what’s hotter than 2 angels giving a lad head at the same time? I do not think I would have a three-some if Micah wasn’t there with me. It’s our thing, u know?” How do you two make every other cum? We need details, please! Chastity: “Micah can’t live with out being licked lazily, like if I were eating an ice cock juice cone. And this babe can’t live out of it when I take up with the tongue circles around her clit and finger her at the same time. I know she’s cumming ‘cuz she acquires all tense and begins shaking.” Micah: “Chastity can’t live out of to be eaten out a little more roughly than I do. So I suck on her clitoris harder and finger-fuck her rock hard.”

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