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Dick James

Dick James Dick James
Rod James @
Salute Lads and Cuties! It’s you-know-who, and welcome back to My World! 🙂 Hee hee…anyways, I’m kinda slutty this day, cause I suppose I’m introducing a new brotha to u by the name of Meat-thermometer James, and I do not think you’ve observed too much of him. That is cause this gent is recent! A recent dark rod to exploit! Hee hee. I am so wicked!! A-N-Y-ways, Dick’s packing some real heat – about 10 inches worth. That is a little above-average for the negro race, right? Oh! And guess what? He’s a shooter! 😉 which always makes things a little more interesting, right? So, sit back, kick your trousers off, make sure your wifey is in bed and in LALA Land, and initiate pulling on your wee-wees. Cause I’m intend to out to acquire you off tonight! Luv & Kisses! XOXOXO – Spring
Dick James Dick James
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