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Deflowered Flattie

Deflowered Flattie

Deflowered Flattie

What was your 1st time love?
“It was ok. I lost it to my husband. It hurt a little bit, but in a priceless way. My second time was actually way more good. It was with a buck who was in college and he ate me out for like 20 minutes previous to sticking it in. I was so moist that I completely glazed his nuts.”

What made your second time more astonishing than your first?
“The boy who was my first was also a virgin. Neither of us knew what we were doing. The lady-killer I was with my second time was way more accustomed. And he could go multiple times. I truly adore it when a lad cums, and the second lad gave me two loads. The first load was on my billibongs, and then the second load this chab shot into my cunt. They weren’t little loads either. They were both pretty big and luscious. So from now on I try to stick to men who are more competent.”

Have u ever cum from having sex?
“Yes, I just learned how to. It was like figuring out the combination to a lock! Whilst the lady-killer has to be banging me kind of slow and unfathomable, I need to rub my clitoris in circles. If we can the one and the other keep up the rhythm, I’ll have a valuable, rock hard climax.”

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