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Dasani and Leola Just Had to Fuck Once They Started Kissing

At a high-school party one weekend, Dasani and Leola decided to join in a amiable game of spin the bottle. The aged rules let you spin some other time if the bottle pointed at anybody of the same sex as the spinner, but the recent college rules forced same sex spinners to kiss.

It was not long until it was Dasani’s turn to spin the bottle. This babe spun and saw the bottle pointing right at Leola. Dasani was relieved that it was Leola, but both cuties were fresh to the lesbo thing and were nervous. They crawled across the floor to every other and kissed, kissed bigger in size amount, then began touching with tongue and nibbling each other, pulling at every other’s clothing. Their hormones took over and they started fondling each other during the time that the whole room of partygoers looked on.

Dasani suddenly had to see Leola’s gracious love melons. This babe pulled Leola’s top down and reached into her undergarment and brought out her boobs. She sucked Leola’s nipples during the time that Leola reached down and began pulling Dasani’s strap belts down from below her petticoat. Dasani was quicker, though, and this babe had Leola exposed in a minute. That babe ran her hands all over Leola’s body, and then got on her knees and opened Leola’s pink twat with her fingers. That babe inserted her fingers into Leola’s snatch whilst she licked at her swollen clitoris. Leola propped her foot up on a table to open herself wider for Dasani’s lapping tongue.

Leola stopped Dasani before she could make her cum. That babe pushed her to the floor and removed the rest of her hot clothing. The that babe widen Dasani’s legs, and did the same for her, slurping up her cunt juices and massaging Dasani’s swollen clit with her tongue. Using her index finger to rub her g-spot, Leola coercive Dasani to agonorgasmos right there on the floor at the party. Dasani’s embarrassment melted away as her juice oozed with out her palpitating twat and off Leola’s chin.

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