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Dakota Skye & Jordy Adore

Dakota Skye & Jordy Love Dakota Skye & Jordy Love
Dakota Skye & Jordy Adore @
Dakota Skye and Jordy Adore are "besties", and today they’ve made plans! It is lunch and the beach, where they’ll rent some bikes for the day! But there’s a problem: when Dakota acquires to Jordy’s place, no one answers the door. Dakota lets herself in…and strolls all the way back to Jordy’s bedroom, where that babe finds Jordy, still in her under garment and knickers. Jordy’s very depressed, cuz her man’s dumped her. Dakota’s never liked Jordy’s stud, and, quite honestly, this babe is always had a "girl crush" on Jordy! Observe how Dakota makes her move, getting into daybed…and into Jordy’s underclothes! Jordy hesitates for a moment: "but I am not gay!" to which Dakota replies, "neither am I!" From there, it is a Lezbo Fest that starts with wet crack eating, moves to Dakota’s black strap-on, and cumulates with a grind session that leaves one as well as the other ladies tired! Bears a resemblance to there will be no beach nor bikes today!!
Dakota Skye & Jordy Love Dakota Skye & Jordy Love

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