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Cougar On The Prowl

Cougar On The Prowl

Cougars are always on the lookout for juvenile hot chaps who can give them carnal satisfaction. Sindy (5’5″, 145 pounds, 38D bras) is a retail sales associate. Like so many cougars, this divorcee is very nifty and business-like when she’s working, and lets her true, lascivious self loose on weekends when this babe goes out looking to hook up with a boy. “I like boyz in their mid- to late-20s,” that babe said. “They know what they’re looking for and understand what I am looking for, so there’s no confusion. It’s about sex and nothing else.”

“I wear my old wedding ring ‘coz it gives me freedom when I’m at lap dancing clubs or bars with my friends; chaps won’t approach me when they watch it, but I can approach ’em,” told Sindy. “Also, it helps my image at work. People buying expensive furniture have to think of me as settled and dependable. Would you buy furniture from a female who’ll take a guy home and bonk him till that guy can hardly move, then suggest him her chocolate hole to acquire bigger in size amount act out of him? That is me! If a guy’s mediocre, this gent receives drilled then sent home. If he’s fine, that petticoat chaser can stay all night and I’ll cook him breakfast.”

Cougar On The Prowl