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Columbian Cunny

Columbian Cunny

Columbian Cunny

You’re very hawt, Sophia. And so is your Spanish accent.
“Thank you. I’ve been learning English in school for a lengthy time, but it’s still not perfect. I feel a little embarrassed to speak it with an American, cuz they probably think that I talk laughable! I desire to move to the U.S. so I am plan to keep practicing English.”

Do u have a hubby who would miss u if u moved?
“Yes, this chab tries to tell me I should not move, and that I should stay and marry him. But I do not urge to be like the other gals here who receive married so young and do not have any joy. I wanna go to
the YOU.S. and make a life for myself, and have lots of enjoyment and tons of boyfriends!”

Have you had sex with your husband yet?
“Yes, but he is the merely one I have had sex with. I’m already kind of bored of him. I’d like to have other boyfriends to watch if they are more joy and can please me more when we have sex. My
husband now is kind of inactive and doesn’t love to take up with the tongue me very much. It makes me sad because I like that a lot!”

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