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Circus Cutie

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Circus Cutie

Luna is a freak. This babe worked for the circus. But impressive Luna is anything but a circus freak.

“The most-fun job I have ever had was performing in a circus company. I traveled to music festivals and performed aerial skills and acrobatics. That’s when I discovered my love of performing in front of a crowd. I’ve always been wanton, so I figured I would try shooting some porn to watch if it gives me the same thrill as the circus. Guess what! It is even more outstanding!”

Luna is enrolled in college. She’s hoping to get a degree in environmental science. That babe can stand on her head, desires to try skydiving sometime in a short time, and she likes dressing coservatively when that babe goes out.

“I costume so people do not wait me to be a freak. But when they receive to know me, I blow their minds. My kinkiest raunchy collision was when I was still a legal age teenager. My spouse tied me up in front of our friends and banged me at a party.”

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