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Chloe Brooke – Classroom Cunny

Classroom Cunny

Classroom Cunny

U look a bit different since last time, Chloe…

“I went blonder. I’ve so many boys hitting on me now–it’s awesome! And I just started at this new school and I’m the merely blond goddess in class!”

Do u like standing out like that?

“Are u kidding me? I adore the attention! Chaps let me skip ahead in line at lunch, and they’re always opening doors for me. I’ve dated and fucked a hardly any of ’em. I adore to fuck at least once a week, and I haven’t been talented to identify a dude that can keep up with me. Solely a couple of ’em went down on me or made me cum. I need a real smooth operator to screw….”

Seems like you’ve anybody in mind for it?

“There’s 2 of them, really. One is the recent history teacher and the other is the substitute music teacher. They the one and the other look twenty-something, so, not too mature, and I’m nice-looking sure both of ’em have been checking me out. I have not at all been in a three-some before, but I suppose if it were with those two males, I’d totally be on board to get plowed!”

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