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Mabel Moore: Lass With An Ass & Huge Tits

Mabel Moore: Lass With An Ass & Huge Tits

Mabel Moore: Lass With An Ass & Huge Tits

Lingerie lass Mabel Moore has quite an ass. Her photographer encourages her to spank her cheeks and do a little dance. She’s in tease mode and plays with her top and pants, then takes them off to show her bustier corset under her clothing.

In a playful mood, Mabel pulls down the bra portion of her corset and rubs her nipples. The size of her boobs always blows everyone away. Turning around again, facing the wall, Mabel opens the bra snaps and bends over. She turns to the camera and smiles.

It’s time for Mabel to give the photographer another reward. Her mouth on his cock and balls. She gives him a blow job, and as she does that, she vibrates his balls with one of her toys. This would be enough to make a guy explode, but before that happens, Mabel wants her massive tits licked, and she wants to get shagged. He finger-bangs her, uses her vibrator on her clit, makes her squirt, then fucks her from behind.

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Eat At Renee’s

Eat At Renee’s

Eat At Renee's

Here it is. The great fantasy. To enter a restaurant near closing time and discover that Renee Ross, THE Renee Ross, is your waitress. And what Renee plans to serve up goes beyond hot cakes and pie!

These dudes are getting a worms-eye view of what’s for late night snacking, and Renee is at the top of the menu. Renee doesn’t work for tips. She wants every inch of the shaft. Food takes a back seat as Renee takes their order. That’s what they call service with a smile!

What about Renee? Does she have any fantasies of her own that are special to her?

“I wouldn’t say that I have a lot of fantasies,” she revealed. “I just like to cum a lot! I think I must masturbate two to three times a day.”

Now, if Renee were really a waitress (and not a nurse, her real-life job), that would mean a lot of sneaking into the ladies’ room for fast relief! The customers’ orders would start backing up. But no one would mind if they could watch!

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60-year-old Presley & her 19-year-old step-son

60-year-old Presley & her 19-year-old step-son

60-year-old Presley & her 19-year-old step-son

A hot, sexy, horny 60-year-old woman like Presley St. Claire doesn’t come to because she wants any old cock. She can get that in her neighborhood bar. Pick up one of the horny oldies and see if he can get his dick up.

Nope. She comes here because she wants hard, young cock, and that’s what Presley gets today…from her step-son.

You see, she thinks she’s all alone. She’s in bed, fingering her pussy, getting herself off and really enjoying herself.

At the same time, Elias, who’s only 19 years old, comes home and hears a lot of moaning coming from the bedroom. And when he peeks around the corner, he sees his old step-mom masturbating.

That’s not the kind of thing a teenage boy sees every day. And when he gets caught, Presley’s mad that her step-son is peeping on her, right? Wrong! She tells him to get his cock out, and before long, step-mom and step-son are doing things most step-moms and step-sons don’t do together.

Presley on masturbation: “I enjoy rubbing my pussy with my fingers and dildos that don’t vibrate.”

Her fetish: “Lots of kissing.” Kissing’s a fetish? Okay.

Kinkiest sexual encounters: “I’ve had many kinky encounters at the swingers clubs and in elevators.”

Going up!

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A busty British MILF and her big toy

A busty British MILF and her big toy

A busty British MILF and her big toy

Sabrina-Jade is from Bedfordshire, England. She’s a seamstress. You know how seamstresses measure your pants, starting from inside your thigh and going down to the hem? Can you imagine looking down and seeing Sabrina-Jade with her big tits pouring out of a tight top, holding the measuring tape inches away from your crotch? You’d undoubtedly grow a size or two.

“I tailor my own clothes because my big breasts and small back can be a problem with standard sizes,” she said. “I love sexy clothing and heels. I own many sexy dresses, catsuits, corsets, PVC and leather clothing, lots of boots and shoes and bondage outfits as well.”

Really, though, she doesn’t need anything to dress up those big tits and her curvy, voluptuous body.

SCORELAND: What are your sexual fantasies?

Sabrina-Jade: Having sex with a real policeman over his bonnet. I love men in uniform.

SCORELAND: What’s your favorite shagging position?

Sabrina-Jade: I love doggie.

SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex with a woman?

Sabrina-Jade: No.

SCORELAND: What about public sex?

Sabrina-Jade: Yes, in and out of cars.

SCORELAND: What satisfies you best?

Sabrina-Jade: Sex with young men.

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Molly Evans: I’ve Got A Secret

Molly Evans: I’ve Got A Secret

Molly Evans: I've Got A Secret

Sweet and kissable Molly Evans is dressed to win in a low-cut white top, tight skirt, stockings and black pumps. The super-sexy secretary look. What surprises does Molly have for us?

Molly gets on top of the kitchen counter to give us an eyeful of her treasure chest and says, “I’ll tell you in secret that all girls give names to their vibrators.” Molly’s toy is named “Joe.”

“Lately, he has been working poorly. Do you want to be my Joe?”

It’s a privilege to be this girl’s tool.

XLGIRLS: Molly, if you had two wishes, what would you wish for?

Molly: To become a world-famous model and to read the thoughts of others.

XLGIRLS: You’re on your way to the first wish. Do you do things like cleaning or watching TV at home topless or naked?

Molly: Of course! When I’m alone at home, I’m usually naked when I do the cleaning.

XLGIRLS: Do you find yourself touching your boobs without thinking about it?

Molly: Yes, this happens. I like to crush and squeeze my chest.

XLGIRLS: Do you ever store things in your cleavage?

Molly: My chest is the safest place to store my property, including money, keys and a phone.

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House of Correction For Busty Girls

House of Correction For Busty Girls

House of Correction For Busty Girls

Larissa Linn doesn’t need any correction in this dank yet colorful dungeon. She does everything right. Hey, she’s worked as an accountant and auditor.

With her beautiful face and hourglass figure, Larissa is a sensation on-camera and has the purring, soft-spoken personality that makes it all complete.

Dressed for mysterious behavior with a dangerous-looking spiked glove and tight corset that can’t contain her big tits, Larissa spends some quality time on the ropes, making herself cum and her nipples hard with oil and pleasuring hands.

Says F-cup hottie Larissa, “I still have trouble finding bras that fit me. It was difficult to find good-fitting bras when I was growing up. My breasts grew so fast that I outgrew my bras. I don’t think my breasts have stopped growing.”

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Fucks step-son, gives him rim job

Fucks step-son, gives him rim job

Fucks step-son, gives him rim job

Piper Press, a 43-year-old wife and mom, is all dolled up in a bra and panties that show off her big tits and bubble butt, a garter belt and stockings. She’s dressed to fuck, and who does she want to fuck?

Her 24-year-old step-son, that’s who!

It’s morning, so Piper has strategically positioned herself outside her bedroom door, waiting for her step-son to wake up and go take a shower. She’s expecting him but he’s shocked to see her, especially dressed (or undressed) like that.

“You didn’t expect to see your step-mom standing here like this?” she asks him.

“No, I didn’t,” he says. “I don’t think my father would be very happy about this.”

Probably not, but Step-Mom doesn’t seem to care what Dad thinks. Her hand wanders down to his cock, and before long, he’s got his step-mom’s big, fake tits in his hands and she’s got his cock in her mouth. Piper is so turned on that in-between fuck positions, she sucks his balls and eats his asshole. Show of hands: How many of you out there have gotten a rim job from your step-mom?

Nope, didn’t think so.

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Little Cutie

Little Cutie

Little Cutie

What sexually satisfies you the most?
“When a guy takes his time with me by sucking on my nipples and getting me really turned on. Then I want him to eat me out. I love it when I cum first. Then I’m ready to have sex. I just love when we go slow. Sometimes it’s okay if you’re really horny and you dive right into it. But I prefer to let things build up so by the time we’re ready to have sex I’m really aching for it.”

Do you like girls? Have you ever fooled around with a girl before?
“Yes, I’ve fooled around with lots of girls. I’m bisexual. I’ve had a few girlfriends. I love girls. Everything about their pussy and boobs is so sexy. I love the way a girl convulses and moans when I go down on her, because it’s like, wow, I made her squirt and moan like that. I also like to play with girls in three-ways. I love getting fucked by a guy and the girl is right there ready to be eaten out.”

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