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Call Back Girl

Katie, on your model questionnaire u said your nickname was the “call back cutie.” What’s the story behind that?
“I got that nickname cuz I tamed one of the bad men at my school. They called him rip and dip FRANKLIN cuz this chab was notorious for fucking angels and then not at any time calling them back. This chab was a total wang. Well, I ended up banging him, and that stud truly called me back for seconds…and thirds and fourths! We truly dated for a little bit. Ever since then I’ve been the call back hotty!”

Why do you think with out all the gals this chap called u back?
“Because my fur pie is just that worthy! It might also have been because I acted like I did not care. I thought it was just going to be a one night stand, so I acted laid back. I
guess he wasn’t used to that! And then when we were banging he kept telling me how nice my slit felt and how tight it was. I was working his ramrod beautiful nice, likewise. I started riding him stiff and this petticoat chaser came. He told that was the 1st time anyone made him cum from being on top.”

What was your favourite raunchy meeting?
“It was really with an maturer boy who works at the library down the street from my house. I was at the library late one night studying. Everyone had left, and I started masturbating! This chab totally caught me. We were one as well as the other shocked at first, but I said him to help me out, and this chab did. We ended up screwing right there in the natural sciences aisle. His cockwas so big, and this chab indeed knew how to use it! I was so moist I trickled all over the floor.”

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