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Buck Wild

A word of advice: Don’t tell Vicky what to do. She knows what that babe craves, and if u try to stop her, that will just make her crave it more. So what is it that this babe desires? To go “buck wild.” Unfortunately, her Mom is a strict Russian mistress who imposes the same harsh laws of the motherland on her daughter. Vicky ain’t having it. That babe is got a sexy accent, a cute face and a taut pussy that needs filling. This babe runs away and runs into ramrod right off the bat. That babe doesn’t waste any time getting down to business. This boy goes from downy to rock-hard in seconds when Vicky wraps her lips around his meat-pole. Surely Vicky‘s Mama wouldn’t approve of her expert orall-service skills and slutty cock-riding ways, and that’s exactly why she does it.

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