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Britt Shields – Brunette Sex Cadet

Black brown Sex Cadet

Brunette Sex Cadet

Britt is a bit of a unveil off.
“I’ve been an exhibitionist as lengthy as I can remember. I lost my virginity in a park. It was on top of a picnic table, and we were in broad daylight. I pulled my panties to the side beneath my skirt and let him slip inside of me just for a second. We waited until it was after dark to finish going all the way on the merry-go-round. It was very romantic. I remember looking up at the stars as we were spinning around and that ladies man was pumping me full of cum.”

Any more public sex adventures, Britt?
“I’ve gone on bare bike rides previous to, and they’re a real blast. They’re always bigger in size than run of the mill group rides, and there’re tons of people. I love showing off, and apparently there are plenty of other people who do, too. It’s exhilarating being surrounded by hundreds of bare people, staring at knockers, cocks, love tunnels and asses. I even snuck into a pub with some of the older gals after the big ride. It was so strange to be undressed in public. I kept pinching my teats to keep ’em valuable and rock hard. I wanted to look precious for everyone!”

Other than exhibitionism, what kind of sex turns you on the majority?
“I guess I’m adore every gal. I need variety. I love vanilla sex just as much as everyone else, but I too actually love kink–not the leather hoods and whips kind, but the handcuffs and blindfolds and whipped sperm kind. My prefered position is doggie-style so the lad can play with my gazoo a little. And during blow jobs I prefer to swallow. I think I’m gorgeous usual in my tastes.”

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