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Bold in Braces

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Bold in Braces

Hey, Kyleigh. We just love your braces, but how do you feel about ’em?
“They’re okay. I would love it more if I did not have ’em, but it is not a greater than typical deal. They took some getting used to. Adore when I 1st got ’em I made out with that Lothario, and I accidentally cut his lip with my braces. I was afraid to try to give a chap head with braces ’cause I thought we’d have an accident. But I’ve got the hang of them now, and I can do it all!”

So you have sucked shlong since you have gotten your braces?
“Yeah, and it was a piece of cake. You just receive to be careful! And it’s easier if u go slow. But that’s how I like to give blow jobs, moreover. Worthwhile and slow and sloppy.”

We noticed you are solely 4’11”, Kyleigh. How does that figure out when u have sex with a tall boy?
“It’s never been a problem in advance of. I have only had sex with two chaps, and one of them was adore, 6’2”. I thought it might be kind of unusual since I am so much shorter than him, but it
turned out to be tons of joy. This chab picked me up so easily and held me up and screwed me. The merely thing was that his dick was sooo larger than run of the mill! I had to tell him to take it elementary on me ’cause I felt like I was intend to break in 2!”

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