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Bobbi Teaches Kirsten How to Fuck Like a Lesbian

Bobbi was the darksome haired, dark skinned dish that all the bucks wanted to screw. Kirsten was a golden-haired, girl-next-door type who had a steady husband. The angels knew every other from school, but at no time actually hung out. One day, they were with their respective groups of friends when they ran into every other at the movies. Some of their groups knew each other and they ended up sat jointly in a fresh horror flick. Bobbi and Kirsten sat next to each other in the theatre.

At one particularly scary pont of time in the video, Kirsten jumped and buried her head in Bobbi’s shoulder. Bobbi detected herself immensely turned on, and reached over to wank Kirsten’s bare thigh below her petticoat. Kirsten widen her legs a little to let Bobbi’s hand slide further up until her fingers were fondelling Kirsten’s fur pie throughout her cotton thongs. The beauties left on the pretext of going to the restroom, and headed back to Bobbi’s house.

Kirsten exposed herself bare in moments and stood exposed and sinless in advance of Bobbi’s competent and able hands. Bobbi’s fondelled and nibbled Kirsten’s nude body and got her to the floor, then this babe brought out a specific treat – a thong on sex-toy. Once this babe got it on, Kirsten got on her knees and sucked it, licking the shaft and head like that babe was truly giving Bobbi head.

Kirsten asked Bobbie what to do next, and Bobbi lay down on the floor and said Kirsten to straddle the belt on. Kirsten opened her legs for the dildo, and she sitting on the head, letting it sink into her wet snatch. Bobbi widen Kirsten’s hips further to acquire the marital-device into her tight aperture, and rogered Kirsten’s bawdy cleft. Bobbi reached around and stroked Kirsten’s palpitating love button until Kirsten came all over Bobbi’s fingers and the belt on sex-toy.

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