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Valory, Sophie and Eden have put on hawt lingerie and are curled up together in bed having a intimate little slumber party and giggling over the book “The Ultimate Guide To Lovely Chaps,” written by Michelle Bond, owner of the Large Boob Finishing School. They’re reading Michelle’s words of wisdom to each other and appreciating each other’s company. Tonight they’re into chapter 6 “Be A Porn star In Couch.” They begin play-acting, reading from the manual. The guidelines are very clear. Gals shouldn’t say to their boyfriends, “My other boyfriends not ever made me do that!” They should say, “Honey, you are the almost any nice hubby I ever had!” At not time say, “Honey, I am intend to go shopping with my friends now. I will be back later.” Instead, say, “Honey, would u love to come with me and assist me pick out some sexy things at the underware store?'” The girls initiate bumping into each other with their larger than run of the mill, hot milk cans while they continue to inspect the wise words of Michelle’s book, a book written not just for Valory, Eden and Sophie, but for all stacked hotties in every nation on earth. Eden tweaks her nipple. The other gals kinda notice this. They proceed to read. Don’t say, “Where are u taking me out to dinner tonight?’ Say instead, “Honey, I guess I would like to stay home and cook you dinner and give you a fellatio.” Do not say, “Honey, does this suit make my gazoo look too large?” Say, “Honey, am I showing sufficient deep cleavage this day?” The girls toss their manuals aside and kick off pillow fighting. Eden is the instigator. There’s no pillow fighting advice in the chapter but it sure is fun to see. Who would turn down any chance to look at hot honey bunnys acquire into a pillow brawl? Hopefully they will likewise have learned the nice lessons from this book and apply ’em. Only time will tell.

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