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Ava Loves Her Toy

Ava Likes Her Toy

Ava, a 29-year-old unemployed beautician from Houston, Texas, is about to turn Thirty, which would be a depressing milestone in the lives of some vixens. But it is not depressing for Ava because she knows she is still hotter than hell, and age is just a number. 32D is just a number, likewise. Well, at least the “32” part is. But you get our drift.

Just so you know, Ava likes the taste of cum, can’t live with out getting down on her hands and knees for a unfathomable shag, is into anal-copulation and is currently in a relationship with.
“That way, I do not have to feel guilty if I see a gent and I urge to make love to him,” she said.

Make love? Who makes love those days? Okay, Ava, we’ll go along with that. So let’s see Ava make love to her fingers and toy.

Ava Likes Her Toy