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As Soon As She Saw Her, Jasmine Just Had to Fuck Her Prof

Jasmine was sitting down in her 1st class of the high-school semester, English 101. Her professor came in and Jasmine felt her cunt kick off to throb. Usually, Jasmine didn’t have this kind of reaction to hotties, but there was something about Professor Eva ALEXANDER that nearly sent Jasmine over the edge.

After watching Professor Eva sit on her desk, crossing and uncrossing her long legs, and shoving her glasses up on her nose, Jasmine knew this babe had to get some office time with her. This babe approached Professor Eva, and Eva, knowing exactly what was on her student’s mind, suggested they continue their conversation in her private office.

As in a short time as Eva’s office door was closed, that babe ordered Jasmine to take off her panties. Not wanting to disappoint her teacher, Jasmine reached under her skirt and pulled her panty down. Eva said Jasmine to sit on the desk and open her legs. Jasmine did as this babe was told, exposing her pink vagina to Eva’s spectacled eyes. Eva dropped to her knees and, using her fingers to open Jasmine’s cunt lips, this babe tongued Jasmine’s little quivering clit. Jasmine groaned, feeling herself beginning to cum; Eva put her fingers into Jasmine’s soaked gap and felt Jasmine’s wet crack contract around her fingers with orgasm.

But Eva wasn’t done teaching Jasmine. Eva threw Jasmine’s legs over her head and reached into her desk drawer to seize a sex tool this babe kept there. Eva used her spit and Jasmine’s snatch juice to lubricate the vibrator, and then she widen Jasmine’s buns and permeated her taut chocolate hole. Jasmine loved the recent sensation of getting her wazoo stretched and drilled. The bigger amount she moaned, the further Eva poked the sex toy into Jasmine’s little butt. The thrusting of the dildo in her ass aperture was sufficient to send Jasmine back to the edge of agonorgasmos and past, making her squirt her juices all over her new English professor.

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