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Arie Faye

Arie Faye Arie Faye
Arie Faye @
Arie Faye is on her way to a date. Her chap, Malik, is taking her to dinner and a episode. Previous to that babe receives to Malik, there is one prevent to make: a-hole call! Arie and Malik haven’t been having sex…for a while. And then they did, Arie was disappointed. "They say all dark men are well-endowed, but I am here to tell u that ain’t true!", Arie tells all her girlfriends. "It’s white cock for me!" And Arie’s a-hole call is a stylish white boy who’s packing serious meat! It is so serious, Arie’s intend to rick being late for Malik just to get some of that great white woman chaser D! Only one problem: her white guy might be catching feels, and that is no precious; in fact, he is ask Arie to leave simply because that petticoat chaser desires Arie to himself. Arie knows how to receive what she wants, and it doesn’t take lengthy to make white chap weak and receive her ramrod down. This petticoat chaser pounds the shit out of Arie a half 60 minutes before she’s gotta be at Malik’s, and with the over-sized load this babe just drank ("I can not let you mess up my face! It’ll ruin my make-up!!"), Arie hopes her breath doesn’t smell adore sex cream when she plants a kiss on Malik’s lips!!!
Arie Faye Arie Faye
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